Sometimes you got to kick off those bad feelings and give yourself a little extra love. I learned the hard way for you, but now you have the super power of playing “as if”

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Welcome to the  Dreamers Guide to The Grind

Raw potential, insecurity, and lessons from a whole bunch of history rooted the ground for my beginnings as a photographer. In my forward-focused attitude, that orginal inspo remains among the beautiful mess and shines clarity on the current moment. Perspective goes a long way, a little long distance and makes for a good story every once in awhile.


SOUTHERN OBSESSED, ENNEAGRAM 4W3, Learning to choose my words & feelings, LOVER of the window seat. 

Hi, I'm Molly.
Just a Girl 
along with you in this beautiful Mess 

I was also gonna say, since we are going somewhere good, how about we drive together, you take the wheel for now, I'll pick the music you can pick the snacks. I'm just so happy to get to be with you. Talking with you is the best.

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