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This is the back story, the current moment, & the forward momentum. Before my passion for Creating photography & video that FEELS, there was a world of words that stirred my imagination for a life well lived. It's a life we each get to have & have abundantly, & it is our original art.

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As a photographer, you’ve got those dream shoots in your head, and this one’s been teasing me: cruising in the car, windows down, music cranked up, wind thrashing through your hair, the sun hitting just right. It’s the ultimate freedom vibe. School’s out, summer’s here—let’s soak up every second. Let’s hit the road with no destination, just the thrill of the ride. And because I love capturing that peaceful, timeless feeling, let’s just park it and waste the day away—chilling, talking, laughing, doing absolutely nothing. 

I’m all in. Just talking about this, I can already see the shots and clips in my mind—adventure, travel, that lingering sense of space. The best part? This photoshoot idea is a gift that keeps on giving. Different people, cars, tunes, vibes—every new session flips the script. Like revving an engine, new ideas ignite, unique expressions and landscapes unfold, revealing how surprisingly similar yet totally unique we all are.

Vivian’s shoot was pure magic. We always planned on using the BMW, because of a Taylor music video – you know the one, but the stars aligned when she rolled in the Mercedes, and it just fit like a glove – especially when the sun showed up.

I was stoked this session was with Vivian. Seriously, I’ll never forget the first time I got to do a shoot like this.

Vivian’s session was one I’d been excited about since the fall. After capturing her sister Grace the year before, getting to know her, her mom, and their story (we had to reschedule three times for rain), I loved them even more. By the time we finally nailed it with perfect weather, it was worth every second of waiting. I felt the same about Vivian, but I knew her shoot would be all her own—her unique style, vibe, and energy. She doesn’t pay attention to labels or brands, but is effortlessly beautiful embracing her love for unique vintage finds, resale treasures, wild simplicity, mix-and-match style, and her adorable, silly, fun-loving personality. The wind, the wind definately felt against us during parts of the session, but that is also what MAKES it all the more epic in my book.

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I was also gonna say, since we are going somewhere good, how about we drive together, you take the wheel for now, I'll pick the music you can pick the snacks. I'm just so happy to get to be with you. Talking with you is the best.

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