I'm Molly.

I'm a photographer who believes your
session is a
C E  L E B R A T I O N
of all that you are and all that you are becoming.

Visual images were a food group I devoured as a teen trying to pave a way for myself - motivating myself for who I would be in the future. I found inspiration in moments I could picture myself in. I craved the freedom, the bliss, the style and the life that I dreamed of. I lived in a world where magazine clippings were all over the floor, and music was the soundtrack to my life. 

But I'll Be Real, I didn't feel comfortable in my skin.

I felt like I was going through the motions still searching for myselF, until something amazing happened.

I had a pretty normal high school experience, thee best friends, roles in musicals, and a spot in show choir so it appeared I had lots of things going for me…  but had lots of emotions, was unsure of myself, and that affected so many things. I still remember to this day my best friend saying to me, “this is the best time of our lives” and I got that, but it was fun mostly because of her.

My story began my senior year of high school...

Flipping through the photos was a way I could touch and feel and hold in my hand and see what beauty was there. I had needed new perspective to see the possibilities I had all along. I feel like seeing myself in that new light helped me to recognize my raw potential.

My Portrait Sessions are designed to be a seamless reflection of YOUR style and the process allows YOU to be YOUR own curator of how YOU share who YOU are with others and celebrate this fantastic time in YOUR life.

THere is something really powerful about seeing yourself in pictures. 

From there began a journey of embracing who I was becoming. Through Photography I give that same gift Of self Discovery to others.

In my junior year of high school a photographer friend of my parents took me out and photographed me. We went to Herrick Lake, my church accross the street from that, he photographed me with my guitar, with my backpack, on a path and by the water and through all that, I began to see myself differently.

can't wait to meet you

My heart expands and grows just by meeting amazing people like YOU. Truly, I treasure each senior, each woman, and each family that I get to meet. I am beyond honored that I get to do THIS work.

I am Always awestruck and amazed at the images we Can create together. I CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR YOUR STORY!

I am SO excited to announce that my artful, creative portraits will be available to women and female-owned brands.

let's connect

For a while now, I had noted every senior mom who walked into our space felt that energy and wanted to experience a session herself. As of 2024, I have expanded my team and services to give my clients more extensive insight into what their brands and vision for their work can level up to and how to use their images to expand their brands and businesses further.


can't live without


favorite show






In my Bag

Everyday is chance to turn it all around

wasting time by

Because who you
are matters.


Choosing to be content, empowering, & compassionate.


I feel this for you and me.

"Perhaps THIS is the moment for which you have been created"

Esther 4:14


MY photoshoot companion and true believer in making your true Beauty come to life. Make up is her passion - enhances your natural features. She is the kind of makeup artist you love to talk to! They all are - but she like me, loves to connect especially, loves to hear what you're up to, and loves to talk trends. AND she like me, loves to learn from your amazing momma's because we know - you get a lot of your coolness from them. We learn a hot tip from a mom awhile back about taking her kids to all the museums - and so to the museums with our kids we did go!

Francesca remains to be the visionary leader makeup for photography - she is so knowledgable, and every one is always so blown away but by how they look and feel.

Hair & Makeup  artist

Meet our team


Photographing my friends my senior year of high school lead to an adventure at SCAD. 
 ( i loved returning to my southern roots )

We welcomed happy baby girl Gwen. We planned her arrival for just after Wedding & Senior season. 

Launched a wedding photography company Vrai, with my friend and mentor, Kristina. This is us at the launch party. Vrai, meaning true in French.  focused on documenting, true moments, emotion and beauty.

AND opened up MGP
 for my seniors
In Naperville!

And once I was truly content, I met the one who truly felt like home.





Mg's Story:

From the Beginning

As a seasoned photographer now, it's interesting to see the road that leads to Now


Kept shooting weddings - it just kept getting better! Since having my first I promised myself a 5 year break from seniors so I could be home and shoot weddings on the weekend.

The rebrand was born!

We welcomed our second baby girl Charlotte!

We bought a farmhouse! We found a sweet little property with horse's in view. I felt inspired to return to senior portraits with a spot set in nature.





Mg's Story:

From the Beginning

As a seasoned photographer now, it's interesting to see the road that leads to Now


Not only survived through 2020 but thrived, we loved the extra time to work on our farmhouse. A pre pandemic decision - we started homeschooling. AND Portraits flourished because - we all need to celebrate Seniors all the more!

Added Artful Creative Portraits & Branding Photoshoots to the mix & growing a team to help entrepreneurs thrive.

Our little family

What an amazing time photographing senior & having so much fun!

Continued to shoot weddings
with my friends and work as a team for weddings
with Studio This Is 






Mg's Story:

From the Beginning

As a seasoned photographer now, it's interesting to see the road that leads to Now

Can't wait to meet you


For me it's not just a photo session, it's personal and intimate, amiright?
Connection is key. AND getting to know each other is EVERYTHING.