In a photography experience that is real, personal, and reflects your
TRUE Beauty.

We Believe

Our process is progressing & flourishing just like you are and we've created an experience with touch points that allow you to share with us just who you are, and what you have in mind.
There isn't anything I love more than pulling up to a shoot and having a client see all the things I packed just for them, and giving them complete comfort that we've done this before, so that they can relax and enjoy!

Above all, our favorite thing is
YOU being YOU.

 All you have to do is show up and enjoy (if you've picked a session with our stylist - you sit still look pretty) & we bring your vision to life.

After your sneak peeks - we send you a link to your gallery so you can download right away. Want something more? We can do a design appointment.

Session Day Deets

 Post session Excitement

Through our survey we listen to YOUR ideas, walk you through the logistics & locations complete with styled outfits 

 Pre Session PRep

Book your let's chat
so we can meet & discuss 
Book your Session

Getting Started

OUR Experience:

From the first moment that we connect our time together is shaped around what makes you, you. I wanna know all the things, what your into, your activities, your college thoughts, and more.

All of that plays a part in showing your vibe for your senior session. What do I mean by your vibe, your location, your style, the feeling you want your photos to capture.

We provide you with a personalized survey-an opportunity to share more or your inspiration through the experience.

It's all about your style and inspiration

Getting to know you

Our prep survey creates communication so that even before you sit in their chair they have already caught your vision. Letting your natural beauty shine is our top priority. Achieving the look that fits your style and having you feel your absolute best fills our heart with so much joy. Some of our session include on-location styling too. Whatever your style or wish #hereforit

Our hair & make up team is the best in the land, and they are SO ready to create just what you want.

Hair & Make up

Aiming for golden hour, the way the light moves and the sun surrounds you, we'll arrive at Your first location, a field, a barn, a white picket fence, and you'll look and feel ready to go. I'll walk you through the posing, I promise it's so fun, I'll attend to every detail and you'll lose yourself in the moment, in the music and what we are creating.

It's about being in the moment...

The shoot :)

View Prints & Products

The convenience of the digital files that you can open right away is amazing. You can throw your own "photo reveal" party and invite your friends or pour over them independently. Book a "Design" appointment with me to create something for your home, an image box, albums, canvases & custom announcements.

Following the link drop you'll have the chance to book Design appointments with me to create 
whatever you wish.

The Design

 She makes the day something to remember for the person and anyone who is with them. She is funny and LOVES what she does to her core. She is not just a photographer she is a friend, a support, and cares about the kids and what they are doing. It was truly a day I will always treasure. She cares and wants everyone to have the most special experience and will tailor it to work for you. I can’t say enough good things about her, it was amazing start to finish."

"It's hard to form enough words for how meaningful photoshoots with Molly are. First, she is the most sweetest and thoughtful person.

Mom of Devon '22 senior


Skylar added, "this Session was SO much fun! I love getting my hair and make up done!"

"I had never done anything like this before so it was really fun to experience!"



Your senior portrait experience

If you're ready to go just get on our calendar! If you'd like to connect about more details and possibilities schedule that first. Our dates for summer & fall shoots open March of your junior year.







Time to savor the sweetness of all you've put in motion and celebrate We'll do all the rest!

2-3 Weeks after your session and after your sneak peaks on instagram we drop you a link to see all your pic's and download your favorites right away!

You can set up a design with me to create something unique and all your own, there are so many fun things we can make.

The shoot Day

We'll send you tips and trends, everything you'll need to be your gorgeous self. Our style survey helps you plan your looks, your pallet, and your pinterest board so that we are sure to get the download on just what YOU'RE dreaming.

Prep your vibe- look, styles & location!

Book your session or to learn more set up a "Let's Chat"

The Reveal

The Design

We'll connect the week of your shoot or the week before if we haven't yet met and we'll confirm all the details and you'll have your style appointment!

Final phone call & style appointment

Our Offerings




to be;



Let go of who


-Brene Brown

I feel like this is exactly what we do and love to do with you. I treasure all the selfies I've taken after shoots because it is just THAT good & FUN & bonding and I love that!!

but first